We help congregations engage in relationships with their community.

Your congregation has been given the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with your local community. But it can be difficult to do so in our rapidly changing culture that’s filled with challenges we have never seen before. The temptation to retreat inside the walls of our church buildings and the safety of our relationships with other Christians is ever-present. And yet, in the Gospels we see Jesus repeatedly engage those who were sinful and had lifestyles that didn’t conform with the religious teachings of His day. As His followers He has called us to join Him on His mission and do the same.

At Salt of the Earth we don’t claim to be perfect missionaries, but we have found teachings and tools grounded in the love and ways of Jesus that are incredibly helpful to us as we strive to engage our community with Christ. And we want to share our experience with you!

Contact us in order to schedule a meeting so that we can determine if we can help you and your congregation more fully engage your community with the love of Jesus that changes lives, communities, and the world.

Below are our current congregational partnerships. Check them out and let us know if we can help you and your congregation more fully engage the people and places of your community with the love of Jesus.

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