Open Arms Preschool Missional Community

Open Arms Childcare and Preschool was started by Christ Lutheran Church with two goals in mind:

  • Provide a Christ-centered education to the children of Summit County.
  • Disciple their families in the ways of Jesus.

Although Open Arms has been extremely successful at the former, there has not been much fruit in regard to the latter. It was clear that God was calling the people of Christ Lutheran to rethink their efforts.

Paul and Chris Boettcher, with the help of other members of Christ Lutheran, have begun to develop the Open Arms Missional Community in order to tangibly love and serve the families of Open Arms. Rather than merely hoping that the families of Open Arms will come to Christ Lutheran’s Sunday worship, this missional community intentionally goes to them. They do so by being there for drop off and pick up during the week, by providing a monthly Parent’s Day Out program, and by periodically contacting the families in order to inquire about any needs they may have. Through these efforts the goal is to develop relationships between the people of Christ Lutheran and Open Arms, because relationships provide the foundation for discipleship.

Paul and Chris would love to share more about their developing missional community. If you are interested in hearing more about the ways God is working through them at Open Arms, please contact them at

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