Green Mountain Missional Communities

Kelly and Melanie Crabbe are developing Missional Communities in the Green Mountain neighborhood of Lakewood, Colorado.

One Missional Community they are developing consists primarily of people who are in their 20’s.  They started meeting in the summer of 2015 with six people, and a dozen of them are currently gathering weekly as they grow closer as people.  Most are not Christians, but that’s the whole idea of Missional Community!

The second Missional Community they are developing is based on relationships with their neighbors. They have been having large neighborhood parties, movie nights in their backyard, open house times with lots of food, dinner parties for a few people at a time, making friends, and working to bring the neighborhood together.

Kelly and Melanie and the other Christians who serve with them are seeking to share God with those who are unchurched, under churched or de-churched by offering a safe place to be part of an extended family.  They are open about who they are in Christ, and invite others to take part in this family-style setting and shared mission and ministry centered in Christ.  There is a great hunger today to be part of family, which we seem to be losing quite rapidly in the western world.  And for all to be part of the family of God is our ultimate goal, a family on mission to a hurting and lost world.   Through all of this they are seeking what Jesus called “People of Peace” (Matthew 10, Luke 10).  These are people who are open to doing life together and learning about the good news of God’s Kingdom. If you are interested in hearing more about the ways God is working in the Green Mountain area, please contact Kelly and Melanie.

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